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    Weightlifting For Women

    June 8, 2018

June 8, 2018

Weightlifting For Women

“I want to be Toned.”

“I don’t want to be Bulky.”

Let’s provide a little insight into a common concern in regards to Weightlifting For Women.

I hope it encourages you to stay the course.

What is really going on?

At first, when you begin a weightlifting program, your body will adapt by increasing muscle glycogen (carbs).

Some extra water may get stored along with the glycogen, especially in women.

This may temporarily give you a “bulky” look if you haven’t lost body fat yet.

This temporary increase in glycogen and water is the body’s way of using carbs to adapt to your new exercise program.

It happens when you first start weightlifting or when you return after a long break from exercise.

Think of it as putting gas in your car before driving a long distance. It protects your body and brain from running out of gas.

Over time, the water retention will stop, your metabolism will improve and the small amount of lean muscle you gain will encourage your body to burn more body fat.

So stay the course!

You’ll feel great and develop more TONE rather than feel “big and bulky.”

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