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    Lose Inches From Your Waistline

    June 14, 2017

June 14, 2017

Lose Inches From Your Waistline

Shrink Your Waistline By Ignoring It

Get Killer Abs in 8 Minutes…

Watch The Pounds Melt Away..

Six Easy Ways To Get Your Summer Six Pack…

The headlines grab your attention, but you suspect they are too good to be true. You wonder if you’ll really get the promised results.

As a personal trainer and nutrition consultant, I help people get stronger and reduce their waistline. Some even take it a step further and get a six-pack. Very cool! But, I have to tell you:

Abs Don’t Matter

I’m just like you. Not much has changed over the years when it comes to taking my shirt off at the pool. I still have this automatic and uncontrollable need to suck my gut in. I guess the idea is that a six pack will magically appear, just as the beautiful girl in the Bikini walks by.

Most of us don’t necessarily want an extreme six pack like we see in the movies or in fitness magazines. We just want to reduce our gut and do what’s necessary to keep it under control as we age.

That said, visible abs look cool. They tell a story of a person’s physical activity. However, don’t forget that we all have abs and use them during daily activity. Someone with visible abs is either physically fit, a lifelong athlete, or perhaps genetically gifted. 

But avoid comparing yourself and avoid the ab myths. Many are promoted on Informercial DVDs, ab classes at gyms, equipment manufacturers and sketchy supplement peddlers.

Most of all, avoid a short-term goal like “12 weeks to shredded abs.” Don’t get me wrong. You can definitely achieve a lot in 12 weeks, but don’t let it stop there. It’s easy to transition back to old habits and revert back to the old you.

Should you train your abs exclusively?

Ab mats, ab machines, and ab classes. These are the most popular things in your gym too, right? But, should you train your abs exclusively? Probably not. Focusing exclusively on our abs and ignoring everything else is a recipe for disappointment. Your body works together as a synergistic group of muscles that cooperate and support each other to perform. Isolating just one muscle group is not effective.

There is no one thing you can do to have a six-pack and see your abs. Abs are made through genetics and exercise. They become visible through nutrition.

Training your abs just so you can see them seems logical, however, it’s a common misconception. If spot reducing our waistline were a reality than every home would still have a vintage 1930s exercise belt decades later.

Train Everything

The best way to shrink your waistline is to train your entire body.

Everything from your legs to your back, chest, and arms will help you get stronger and reduce your overall body fat.  As you reduce your body fat you’ll be much closer to reducing your waistline. This is so much more fun and realistic in the long run.

Exercise is supposed to help you feel good and move better.  When you train everything you help everything in your physique and lifestyle. It all gets better.  Ignore how you look for a bit. Think more about the multiple benefits of getting in great shape.

The most gratifying yet least discussed benefits of getting in shape is the increased ability to contribute to your family and society.  You’ll have more fun and feel comfortable playing with your kids without pain or running out of breath. You will help your spouse with yard work in less time. Or better yet, be that cool guy who was able to help their senior neighbor carry that heavy bag of salt to the water softener or shovel their driveway in the winter.

Strength First

Rep after rep after rep for any specific muscle group will “pump the muscle”.  The pump looks and feels great during the workout but doesn’t necessarily achieve long-term strength and development of the muscles.

Having a strong core improves posture, prevents back pain, and improves daily physical activity. Basic fundamental lifts will build the abs. Some specific movements to include in your workouts are:

Push: Push-ups, Bench Press, Dips, Overhead Press

Pull: Pull-downs, Pull-ups, Rows, Bicep Curls

Squat & Bend: Squats, Deadlifts, Good Mornings, Kettlebell swings

Conditioning: Jog, Hill or Stadium Sprints, Sled Drag, Battling Rope, Farmers Walk

Eat Lean

You don’t have to eat less. You just have to eat right. Getting strong is great. But to see your abs you simply just have to get leaner. Something that’s often ignored in the world of “looking bigger” is, if you want to look bigger and more muscular you’ll have to get leaner. People often underestimate how much they need to lose. You can still train for size and lift heavy, but your nutrition habits should focus on lean eating rather than bulking.

The Takeaway

Chasing after 6 pack abs while following strict diets and excessive supplementation can lead to both physical and mental issues, hinder your metabolism, and get your hormones out of whack.

To reduce your waistline, just ignore it. Train your entire body.

Focus more on posture and performance rather than aesthetics. This approach has given many of my client’s tremendous results, smaller waistlines, and visible six packs.

Enjoy your workouts and enjoy life. Stay positive and know that you’ll achieve your goals.


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