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    Train In Lisle, IL

Personal Training


BAM Strength is a private training studio which means you don’t have to wait for equipment in a crowded gym.

Services Include:

Online Coaching

Personal Training

Nutrition Coaching

Depending on your goals and exercise background I may recommend training 1 to 3 times each week.

The 12-month personal training program is the best value in Lisle, Illinois. This is the most popular program and it is guaranteed to give you results.

Many clients prefer Hybrid Coaching. This option allows you to train with me 1 to 3 times each week. On the days your not with me you can track your workouts, measurements, and follow training videos. You’ll also receive coaching and support as we communicate via my Online Coaching App. 

A client may also receive a discount by:

• Training with a partner.

• Proof of employment in select businesses on Warrenville Rd.

• Veterans or Active Duty Military.

Let’s chat to see if BAM Strength is right for you?